The Sydney Alliance has included social housing in many of its asks to date, especially the call for inclusionary zoning and access to affordable renewable energy for low income renters.

Now the Alliance is looking for specific outcomes from government:

  1. The Sydney Alliance calls on the NSW and Federal governments to invest substantially in the building of new social housing at a rate of at least 5,000 new units a year over the next ten years for NSW. People on low incomes are suffering disproportionally as rental stress forces them to trade off one necessity for another, simply to pay the rent. The amount of social housing available has steadily decreased as a percentage of the population over the last decades, to the point where it is only available for the most desperately needy; and sometimes not even then.
  2. The Sydney Alliance makes an additional call for one-off COVID stimulus money to be spent on a substantial investment in social housing around Australia, with a proportionate amount built in greater Sydney. As economic revival is called for by all industries, especially construction, we see that the combined economic and social impact of investing in social housing at this time will have significant impact both short-term and for generations to come.


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